2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 11

This Week’s Top Team: Still going for 140+ – not an easy feat, but if I do it right, it’s possible.

QB: Carson Palmer vs. Arizona: Palmer is a very good and accurate quarterback and the Cardinals defense doesn’t show up on the road. The Bengals haven’t gone off in a while, so I imagine it’s bound to happen this week in Cinci.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. New Orleans: Tomlinson is about do for a fantasy football Jesus game, and he’s going up against Houston. Good luck Texans, I’m sure Tomlinson is going to try to take his “best back in the league” crown back this week against you.

RB: Brian Westbrook vs. Miami: Westbrook is one of the 5 most dangerous offensive players in the league. He goes up against a very, very bad Dolphins defense this week at home in Philly. Westy killed it last week, and I expect a repeat in Week 11.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald vs. Cincinnati: Larry has been balling it up, and is on pace for just about 1400 yards and 7 touchdown passes. I believe he’ll eclipse both of those numbers, which means he has to have some huge games. Hold on to Larry’s superman cape, because he’ll take you to the fantasy promise land.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Buffalo: Randy hasn’t had a 3 touchdown day in a while, and I know the Patriots had a bye last week, but he’s probably pissed he didn’t get a TD during the off-week. I expect him to use the youthful secondary in Buffalo.

TE: Antonio Gates vs. New Orleans: Phillip Rivers has been bad, but he’s young, and I think he’ll pop back into his accurate throwing ways here late in the year. Gates will find wide open spaces in the Texans’ secondary, so expect a big game from him.

K: Neil Rackers vs. Cincinnati: Is there anyway he’ll have less than a couple field goals and extra points against Cincinnati? I sure hope not, but knowing my kicker luck, he’ll go 0-2 and get maybe one extra point. Damn kickers!

D: Green Bay vs. Carolina: The Packers are a very good young defense that forces turnovers, shuts down the run, and causes good things to happen for their team. The Panthers are brutal in all those areas offensively. Good match-up, big points.


Jeff Garcia: The Falcons have won 2 straight, and they are way too poor of a team to win 3. That being said, I imagine Jeff will have one of his big days to lead the Bucs in a must win game for the NFC South leader.

Earnest Graham: Believe it or not, I also like Graham against the Falcons. Grady Jackson’s been cut, and he was a key run stuffer for the Falcons. I think the Bucs will out pass and muscle the Falcons.

Chester Taylor: Starting in AP’s place, Taylor walks right in to a pretty favorable match-up. The Raiders aren’t tough against the run, and they aren’t good enough to limit Taylor’s touches. Chester is no Peterson, but he’s definitely good enough to torch the Vikings behind his stellar offensive line.

Edgerrin James: Edge hasn’t done big things lately, but he’s consistent, and consistency goes a long way against the Bengals.

D.J. Hackett: Finally healthy, and in my opinion, the best receiver in Seattle. With that new throw it often approach, he should post good numbers for the rest of the season, with Deion Branch in or not.

Ike Hilliard: It’s something I never thought I’d say, but Ike is probably a good play this week against Atlanta. Opposite Joey Galloway, Ike will get the 2nd corner and he’ll do enough to justify a play if you’re in a pinch.

Todd Heap: What a crappy offense. But with Boller, at least the Ravens will have a shot to get some offense going. Yes, Steve McNair has been that bad. Heap should be back to 100% or close, and that should be enough to get 60+ yards and maybe even a score.

Eagles: Can the Dolphins put up points on the Eagles? Maybe with Cleo Lemon in, but not with new starter John Beck. He’s still raw, and word out of Miami is that he hasn’t looked good in practice. That means good things for Eagle owners, and if they’re on the free agent list, pick them up for a big week.

LUCKY’S Week 11 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Vince Young: He has to be benched, in my opinion, even against a less than stellar Broncos team. His passing has been poor, and overall, his touchdowns are just too low to play him.

Jamal Lewis: Lewis goes up against the Ravens, and this time they won’t allow any touchdowns, I can all but guarantee it. Expect very little from this former Raven.

Justin Fargas: Fargas has put together a couple good games, but a week after the Vikings were torched on the ground at the hands of Ryan Grant and the Packers, they will be pissed, and most likely dominate anything the Raiders run at them.

Lee Evans: As talented as he is, the Patriots know how to eliminate him from the game. It’s obvious, but sit JP Losman, too. I almost get the feeling that the Bills kept Losman in there just so they could see him fail and put Edwards back in next week. Do NFL teams really do that? Maybe I’m seeing too much conspiracy theory.

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