2006 Fantasy Football Week 9 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: I rolled past 140 riding the backs of the L’s (T&J) in Week 8, so make no mistake, I see 150 in my sites with decent performances from the rest of the crew.

QB: Peyton Manning: This should be quite a competition between the two guys that were battling it out for my top spot at the Q this week. But I have to take Peyton, if only because Tom Brady doesn’t have to win football games without a rushing attack. Peyton will hurl the piggy for over 300 yards on Sunday.

RB: Larry Johnson: It’d be idiotic if I went away from Larry this week, especially against one of the most generous run defenses in football. The Rams won’t have an answer for Larry, but they won’t be the first.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: While Julius Jones would be a decent pick here, walking away from LT would be just as ridiculous as leaving LJ on the bench this week. I’m trying to score as many fantasy points as possible, LT’s got to be on that list.

WR: Terrell Owens: The TO – Romo relationship is working just fine in the Big D. Dallas played well in the 2nd half of the Panther game last week, and they got a big win. This week, the Boys roll into Washington, where they often struggle, but TO will boost them right into victory.

WR: Marvin Harrison: After Reggie Wayne’s huge week 8, I’ll take his wideout mate, Marvin, in the match-up with the Patriots. This game will be seen everywhere, and Marvin always produces in these situations. Peyton will use Reggie as a decoy, and Marvin will roam freely amongst the Pat secondary.

TE: Algae Crumpler: Mike Vick finally learned to pass the rock with a little consistency, which makes the normally productive Crumpler even more attractive to the fantasy community. I’ll take Crumps against a Detroit defense that hasn’t stopped anyone since Week 1 of the season.

K: Jeff Wilkins: You betcha, Jeff didn’t do wonders for me last week, but I’ll ride my pale horse into battle against the friendly Kansas City defense. The Rams will drive early and often, giving Wilkins plenty of opportunity to get down to business.

D: Bears: The Bears are the best defense in football. This week they get to stone Miami. Should be fun to watch if you like that sick Mel Gibson stuff.


Rexxy Grossman: I’m tossing Rex in there as a sleeper because, well, he’s pretty much guaranteed to dismantle one of the worst secondaries in all of football. And last time he was supposed to do that, he had 6 turnovers. So that makes him a little bit of a sleeper, right?

Tony Romo: The Redskins defense is not good at all, which is really confusing, because they were really good last year and didn’t lose much. Crazy business. Anyway, Romo will have plenty of opportunity to slang the rock to his receivers in single coverage, because the Redskins will have to pay much attention to the Dallas run game which shreds opposing defenses.

Laurence Maroney: LoMo should have a big game against the Colts defense that can’t stop opposing offenses. Maroney has shown he’s one of the most explosive running backs in the league, and he should get his chance to shine in the spotlight, even if Dillon continues to get his touches. CD is a nice pick as a sleeper too, he’s run well all season long.

Jerious Norwood: Is it just me or do Laurence Maroney and Norwood live the same life? Maroney gets more touches, but both guys seem like future All Pros, both guys have tested All Pro Vets in front of them, yet both absolutely dominate in the limited carries that they get. Against Detroit, look for Norwood to break a couple biggies.

Antonio Bryant: I think the 49ers are in for trouble this week against the Vikings, but that won’t halt Bryant from a big game. The Patriots found holes in the Vikings defense that Coach Nolan will also attempt to locate. That should benefit Antonio.

Lee Evans: Lee could be a monster against the Packers. Green Bay will score, and if the Bills get down early, that means Evans will be the man that tries to carry them back. The Packers have been decent lately, against the pass, but Evans is a truly special young receiver. With a week off, the Bills must have found a way to get him the ball more.

Ben Watson: Last week everyone got the ball against Minnesota, but Reche was featured. This week, Ben Watson will be needed, his game breaking ability against a sub par defensive front, and hurting safeties. Watson is a match-up nightmare for the Colts, Bill Bellichick knows how to take advantage of things like that.

Jaguars DST: The Jags defense knows they have to step it up with their offense’s struggles. They’ll put the heat on Vince Young and the Titans rushing attack.


Ben Roethlisberger: The Broncos (after getting exposed by the Colts) aren’t what Ben needed to get back to his old self. A mistake against these pissed of Coloradoians could be bad news for Ben and the Steelers.

Rudi Johnson: Rudi wants more carries? I don’t know if he wants that this week. God knows it’s just going to smash his ypc average. The Ravens don’t joke around.

Hines Ward: Last time Hines saw this list, he had a career game. Just based on that I should find another guy to put here, but what do I look like? A chump? No, I’ll put whomever I think is going to struggle here. I love Hines, but matched up with Champ Bailey isn’t the best thing for 86.

Randy McMichael: Bears. Joey Harrington. 1-7…. You got anything else to throw on this fire?

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