2006 Fantasy Football Week 5 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 5.

QB: Marc Bulger: Marc should have a solid game against the Packers. Green Bay’s secondary has been annihilated all season long. It shant stop there…. Another game, another 2-3 passing scores.

RB: Brian Westbrook: I’m going to go with Westbrook again. With Julius Jones on my bench. So if Westy doesn’t play, I’ll take Julius in that game in Philly. Ah, Westbrook is too talented for Dallas’ defense, and the Eagles can’t wait to show everyone that.

RB: Larry Johnson: The Cardinals can’t win against run first teams, and Larry Johnson can’t have less than 20 fantasy points against the Cardinals. I don’t care what they do, put 12 guys in the box, do it, LJ will still run the show in Arizona.

WR: Torry Holt: Torry will benefit from Green Bay’s insistence that everyone should throw on them. Without a stellar pass rush, Torry will get too much time to get open, and naturally he will be.

WR: Marvin Harrison: Peyton will try to put this game out of reach by half time. You can bet Marvin will be a big part of that performance. Harrison is always open, and he’ll be wide open against a youthful secondary in Tennessee.

TE: Tony Gonzalez: Tony really hasn’t had a big game all season long. But Huard will try to find him often against the Cardinals. That being said, it’ll be easy to find Tony, he’s the big bad ass basketball player running show on the football field.

K: Jeff Wilkins: I’ll ride my horse. Here’s to Jeff Wilkins, 2006 fantasy football all American.

D: Colts: I like that the Titans are going with Vince Young. He’s fun to watch, he’s athletic, and a very likable guy. That being said, he makes mistakes, and defenses capitalize. Sacks and turnovers.


Matt Leinart: Everyone expects Matty to struggle, but with his struggles will come accurate passing and what that means is touchdowns. Because if you can get Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald the ball, they’ll score.

Frank Gore: I’m guessing Frank doesn’t fumble this week, and in turn has one hell of a game. Oakland’s run D is better than people think , but Frank is a very talented runner.

Laurence Maroney: LOMO is a stud, flat out, no questions asked, this kid will take the cake from this class of stud runners. This week he’ll take it to the Dolphins porous rush defense.

Troy Williamson: This young stud is only held back by Brad Johnson’s reluctance to go his way. Against Detroit he’ll be so open Brad won’t have a choice.

Greg Jennings: St. Louis isn’t bad defensively, but I expect the Rams to be up early, so Brett will have to throw often. With Jennings being the go to guy with Driver out, that means many chances will come his way.

Daniel Graham: Graham hasn’t had a huge year, and he has other solid TE’s on his own team. But he’s fast and athletic and Miami’s defense doesn’t have many in the secondary who can compete with his size and speed.

Carolina: Cleveland has been solid offensively, but this could be the week the Panthers really show the football world what they’re made of. Frye will have to elude the rush, and in the secondary, the Panthers could set the youngster up for some big mistakes.


Jake Plummer: Don’t’ look for much from Jake… again.

Edgerrin James: Edge will have another tough week, this time against the Chiefs.
Kansas City’s defense is greatly underrated.

Javon Walker: Javon won’t find much room against the Ravens. He had a huge game a couple weeks ago, but Baltimore’s a different beast.

Reggie Bush: Bush hasn’t been the best back of the rookie class, due greatly to having Deuce McCallister on his team. This week another speedy defense comes to town in hopes of containing Reggie.

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