2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 4

This Week’s Top Team: Lets see how Mr. Lester did. 130 Fantasy Points…. Not too shabby.

QB: Donovan McNabb: D-Nabb had 4 touchdowns (2 passing, 2 running) for 20 points on touchdowns along. He had 47 yards rushing for 4 points, and 288 yards passing for 11 points. Add those up and you get a stud tallying 35 fantasy points. Nice.

RB: Brian Westbrook: Westy didn’t play, and right before the game I switched him with Brian Westbrook because he was my only option. Not the best option but, Correll had 498 yards rushing and 39 yards receiving for 7 points. Better than notta.

RB: Larry Johnson: Grandma-ma only went for 1 score, but his 100 rushing yards and 41 receiving yards gave him 20 points on the week.

WR: Chris Chambers: Chambers continues to dissapoint, just like the rest of the Dolphins, as Miami lost to Houston. Chris got a late touchdown, though, and his 14 yards rushing, 28 yards receiving, and one touchdown got me 9 whole points.

WR: Steve Smith: Stevey dialed up 87 yards receiving and 1 touchdown against the Saints. I expected more, but, 16 points will do just fine.
TE: Ben Watson: watson only had 1 catch for 35 yards, yet another reason why the Patriots make me sick. 3 points for me.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Once again, Wilkins nutted up and got me some much needed points. His three 40-yarders, one 19-yarder, and three extra points rolled me 18 fantasy points… from a kicker. Damn.

D: Cowboys: The ‘Boys had their best defensive performance of the season, tallying 22 points for my squad. 2 sacks, 2 interceptions, and 4 forced fumbles brought me another big game out of my D.


Charlie Frye: Frye’s 3 touchdowns helped out his early turnovers to the tune of 15 fantasy points, out producing Tom Brady, Drew Bledsoe, Mike Vick, and Jake Delhomme among others.

Kevin Jones: Jonesy tied for 3rd in the league with 21 fantasy points. A 4.3 yard per rush average, 93 yards and two scores did him well. Good little sleeper.

Julius Jones: Jonesy number 2 roared as well, tallying 18 points after 122 yards rushing and a touchdown.

Braylon Edwards: Braylon had a decent day, 6 catches for 75 yards, but without a score, he wasn’t the best play around.

Reggie Brown: Reggie ended up getting hurt as well, after a slow start. Not a good play.

Eric Johnson: Eric Johnson had a fantasy point. That wasn’t so hot.

Jaguars DST: Jacksonville fell asleep on defense, allowing 36 points to the Skins, 18 to Santana Moss alone. Not a good week for my bottom half sleepers.


Kurt Warner: And by the 4th quarter, Warner as a starting presence in the NFL was no more. Hope you took my advice.

Thomas Jones: T Jones impressed me with a nice game against the Hawks. Or maybe Seattle just depressed me with the worst game I’ve ever seen them play. Jones had 98 yards, and two touchdowns. The was the 3rd highest scoring runner. Not a wussy!

Chad Johnson: Chad didn’t have great numbers, that’s for sure. He had 60 yards receiving as the Patriots handled the Bengals easily.

Reuben Droughns: Reub had 12 fantasy points, which is a nice performance for him this year. 100 rushing, 20 receving. I was wrong about this one.

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