2005 Week 9 NFL Pick Review

7-6-1 What can I say? Better than 2-12…
What a week, what a week… The Vikings climbed out of the black hole they had seemingly slipped into and beat the roarless Lions. All around the league there were surprises, amazements, firsts and lasts, but leave it to me to come out of my jetlag in the nick of time, with a winning week following a terrible performance by team Lucky in Week 8. Wait, Hold it… Go; The breakdown…


Lions (-1.5) @ Vikings – Kevin Jones continued his gag-show ’05 season, and Joey Harrington looked like a sure 1st round bust as the Lions gave up too many too early, and couldn’t claw back to victory. The Vikings had their first decent game on the ground, and the “revamped” Minnesota defense finally stepped up to seal the victory.

Chargers (-6.5) @ Jets – Brooks Bollinger came off the bench to lead the Jets back within “breaking the bank” territory, and he almost didn’t stop there. Down 5 with minutes, no, seconds to go, Brooks Bollinger threw that ridiculous lob pass that never gets caught into the end zone, hoping his receiver would make something happen. The pass was incomplete, the Jets lost, the Chargers finally pulled out a close one. On the bright side, the Jets covered, losing me gobs of money… Hooray!

Titans (+3) @ Browns – After Reuben Droughns run-in with the law, he ran into the Titans to the tune of 189 all purpose yards, stepping up to lead the Browns over the Tennessee Titans. Chris Brown had another decent day, but it wasn’t enough as the Brown defense held tight in the 4th.

Raiders @ Chiefs (-5) – Holmes was a late-week scratch, but that didn’t scare me. Larry Johnson is for real! He played as well as I thought he would, doing it all on the last drive, and finishing off the Raiders with a diving score into the end zone. But it wasn’t enough, the Raiders found a way to score just enough to take the cash from my pocket. But wait… The entire Raider team left the field before the mandatory extra point, if Green just hikes the ball and walks into the end zone I’ll push… Damn! Vermeil must have not bet on the game… son of a bitch!

Colts @ Patriots (+3.5) – After a showdown in the land of Patriots, the Colts continue their rush for an undefeated season. The Colts looked good and the Patriots looked like their record, 4-4. It’s safe to say, the Colts have just abolished the Patriot Act. After picking the Patriots to lose in every Colts game the last 2 years, I finally took the Pats to pull out with a victory. It’s only fitting!

Eagles (+2.5) @ Redskins – I had no idea the Eagles were going to ditch TO. I certainly didn’t see them going the rest of the season without the leagues most infamous “team player”. Either way, I’ll take the loss because I would have gone with Philly anyway. McNabb will bring this team together, showing people why he is one of the leagues greatest players. Terrell will continue to do his best to get his paycheck, but the Eagles are done with Owens’ childish behavior… wait a second, if a child acted like this he’d get slapped.
PUSH – 1

Bears (-3) @ Saints – Push me this way and that, push me backward, push me forward. At -3 I knew this game had the making of a push. I had hopes as high as Method Man with the Bears set at 1st and goal at the 8 yard line in the final minutes. But to no avail, or Lucky Victory, they settled for three straight useless runs, setting up an easy game winning, Lucky pushing, Chicago Bear victory.

Bengals (-3) @ Ravens – The Ravens continue to struggle, this week without their top defensive playmakers, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. From the sidelines it was all cheers and smiles from an injured Ray, but on the field Carson Palmer and his Bengals were the only ones with smiles. Palmer was an ideal quarterback again, and Rudi Johnson found enough room to keep the Ravens defensive unit honest. The Bengals won easily, 21-9.

Panthers (-1.5) @ Buccaneers- “Look for Steve Smith to continue his MVP-Type season by out-dueling a very good Buc secondary.” (Me) Though many experts predicted the Buccaneers would slow down Steve Smith, it was the real expert, Lucky Lester, who came out looking like a fortune teller. The Panthers followed their star receiver’s lead, clobbering the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay.

Texans (+13) @ Jaguars -“This week they’ll (Texans) assuredly lose, so don’t get ballsy and take the Texans to win for big money. However, I’m betting the slow it down, drag it out Jaguars won’t win by more than 13, giving me a rare Texan victory.” (Me) What can I say, one man’s genius can only be apparent so many times before he takes on the title of Genius… I’m not quite there yet, but for now, Lucky “Genius” Lester will do just fine, thanks.

Falcons (-2) @ Dolphins – The Falcons didn’t dominate the way I thought they would, but Gus Frerotte played just as poor as predicted. With Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown both playing well (Combined 22 carries for over 115 yards and a touchdown) Nick Saban put the game in Gus’ hands, and sure enough, Gus followed through in fine fashion, an interception that sealed his Dolphins fate. Thanks to all those involved, Gus, Nick, Little Jay Jay, Billy and the Kids, Uncle Joe, Shinaenae….

Giants (-10.5) @ 49ers – The Giants were much too good for the 49ers. Then again, Cody Picket was starting for San Francisco. What else is there? For those of you who took the Niners because Eli Manning had never won a road game… HAHAHAHA! What will you guys do next time the Giants travel?

Seahawks (-4) @ Cardinals – “Shaun Alexander should look like the Jamaican Bobsled team, having “Cool Runnings” all game long in Arizona.” (Me) 188 yards? Check. Multiple touchdowns? Check. League MVP? Half way through, you got my vote. A new pay check? If it doesn’t come from Seattle, it will come from someone. Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck are doing all they can to make Seattle a premier team in this league. There are no problems within the team, and the Hawks are not Humpty Dumpty. Stay tuned for a big game against the Rams next week.

Steelers (-3) @ Packers – I couldn’t believe the 3 point line in this one. I would have taken the Steelers giving 10. Luckily for me, they only gave 3 and I won instead of pushing myself along. Charlie Batch threw for 65 yards, and Duce Staley led the Steelers with 75 yards on the ground. They still won by 10, amazing. The Packers are pathetic.

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